General Education Information

Structure Master's Programme

The two-year Master’s in Nanotechnology is a full-time programme worth 120 credits leading to the title of Master of Science (MSc). This programme offers no official specializations, but throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to specialize in Solid State Matter, (Bio)Molecular Matter or Soft Matter combined with Systems. Each profile has its own courses.

In your first year, you will take a number of core courses (35 EC). You will also take some courses related to the profile you choose (10 EC). You may also take courses of two or all three profiles. In the fourth quartile of the first year you will do your internship. Your internship (20 credits) will be hosted by a nanotechnology company, a research group at another university or an institute active in the field.  

During the first quartile of your second year you will take at least one more course related to your chosen profile (5 EC) and one or more electives. During the remaining three quartiles you will do your  master assignment. 

If you did your Bachelor's at the University of Twente one big difference between Bachelor's and Master's is, that the Master's exists of seperate course (usally 5 EC) and not a module like in the Bachelor's. This means you have to register for every course seperate.