Training Programme

NIG course schedule 2017-2018

NIG Draft Course Schedule 


M ( Mandatory)

E (Elective)


Lecturer (s)


(E) Doctoral Workshop in Comparative Public Administration (CPA)


18-20 October 2017 

Prof. Bas Denters

Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann Prof. Isabella Proeller Prof. Yves Emery

Prof. Andreas Ladner

IDHEAP, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

(M) Formulating and answering research questions

29 January-2 February 2018

Dr. Merlijn van Hulst

Dr. Dimiter Toshkov



(E) Parties and Voters

5-9 March 2018

Dr. Martin Rosema

Dr. Ekaterina Rashkova


(E) Take the lead: All you need to know about Public Leadership

23-26 April 2018

Prof. Karin Lasthuizen


(E) Network Governance: Theories, Methods and Practices

7-10 April 2018 

Prof. Erik Hans Klijn

Prof. Jenny Lewis

Prof. Joris Voets

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

(M) Getting it Published

7 May 2018

Prof. Zeger van de Wal


(E) Data Management

July 2018


The Hague

(M) Integrity and responsibility in research and advice

11-14 June 2018 


Dr. Marcel Becker

Dr. Hester van de Bovenkamp

Prof. Ruud Koole

Dr. Ringo Ossewaarde

Dr. Patrick Overeem

Dr. Berry Tholen



(M) Classics in Public Administration and Political Science

8-12 October 2018

Prof. Willem Trommel

Dr. Duco Bannink