Applications for the training programme can be made by filling out the application form. If you are not a member yet, you have to fill out a membership application as well. Non-members who would want to take part in the training programme should contact the NIG-directorate.

If you have further questions, please contact the NIG-directorate by email or telephone.

Telephone:+ 31 53 489 4408 





Please see the course guide for more details. Course guide will be available soon.

Compulsory courses
- Formulating and answering research questions
- Getting it published
- Integrity and Social Responsibility in Research and Advice
- Classics in Public Administration and Political Science

Elective courses co-organised by NIG
(NB: sometimes NIG-electives are only offered every second year and sometimes electives may also be one-off events)
- Take the lead: All you need to know about Public Leadership
- Network and Collaborative Governance: Theories, Methods and Practices
- Comparative Public Administration
- EUROLOC Summerschool 2020 (one-off event)