Training Programme

The NIG envisages educating qualified researchers in the third (doctorate) phase of their education.

The PhD programme has a dual aim: first it offers PhD's the opportunity to broaden their scope and to familiarize themselves with pertinent developments in the discipline. Second, the programme also offers PhD's the opportunity to improve the quality of their own doctoral thesis research by taking specialist coursers and by discussing the merits of its theoretical and methodological design with lecturers and fellow students.

The programme is primarily aimed at researchers pursuing their PhD at one of the NIG member institutions, who need to enrol as a PhD member of NIG. Courses are also open to others, if possible. Please contact the NIG office for futher information. 

NIG offers a standard two-year doctoral programme with a scope of 30 EC.

The curriculum provides a number of compulsory courses and elective courses. PhD's also have the possibility of taking external courses (not provided by NIG) as electives. These electives allow students to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge on a specific topic, or to develop specific methodological skills and training in specialised research methods.

Course guide 2019
 will be available soon.