Details of Colloquia

Reframing Professionalism


The colloquium Reframing Professionalism is led by Mirko Noordegraaf, Karin Geuijen, Scott Douglas (Utrecht University), Bram Steijn and Lars Tummers (Erasmus University Rotterdam).


The colloquium pursues the following three objectives:

  • Bring together researchers and practitioners interested in professionals and professional organizations;
  • Strengthen research, by sharing expertise and experiences;
  • Publish findings, by organizing meetings, special panels at conferences, and by facilitating special edition journals and bundles.


The colloquium, formerly called ‘Professionals under Pressure’, was founded in 2006. It is a national network of researchers researching the work of professionals and professional organizations such as doctors, teachers, judges and youth workers. The colloquium is affiliated with the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), but is also open to non-NIG members. The colloquium consists of members of various universities and other organizations in the Netherlands. In recent years, the colloquium has focused explicitly on professionalism in relation to new developments in the public domain, such as upcoming budget cuts, increasing collaboration and the influence of management. Each year, three to four thematic meetings are organized, where junior and senior researchers are brought together with practitioners.


Upcoming activities

The next meeting will be organized in February 2015. More information to follow.


Below is a selection of recently published books, articles and dissertations of colloquium members:

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  • Van der Meulen, M., & Noordegraaf, M. (2013). Professionalization of (police) leaders: Contested control. In M. Noordegraaf, & B. Steijn (Eds.), Professionals under Pressure. The reconfiguration of professional work in changing public services (pp. 211-228). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
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