On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November 2017, the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) will hold its annual work conference, in Maastricht.

The format of this conference is based on the NIG research programme 2012-2017. In this programme four subthemes are discerned:

  1. Multi-level governance and Europe
  2. Multi-actor governance in complexity
  3. Political institutions and democracy
  4. Public management

For a full description of the research programme, see the website http://www.utwente.nl/nig/research/

PANEL proposals have to meet the following requirements:

  • A description of the proposed theme for the panel (max. 800 words, in English);
  • A description of the linkage between the panel and a subtheme of the NIG research programme (max. 200 words, in English);
  • The type of papers (and topics) you would expect to be submitted for your panel;
  • A tentative list of senior members who will be invited for submitting a paper. NIG wants to stimulate the participation of its senior members (either as paper presenter or as discussant) and the participation of seniors is therefore an important criteria for the acceptance of proposals;
  • There should be at least two organisers (one of them preferably being a senior member) from two different institutions for a panel; the proposal should mention your names, affiliation and address information. If there are more than three organisers, please mention them in the proposal.

PANEL proposals will have to attract at least four papers to be able to have a session of their own. NIG will advertise your proposal, but you may also want to invite authors. Please consult the NIG office before inviting non-NIG members.