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Nominees for the NIG Supervisor of the Year award 2015

A number of weeks ago we, the NIG PhD Council, invited PhD-students to nominate their supervisor(s) for the NIG Supervisor of the Year Award. We are pleased to present the seven nominations that resulted from this call:

Prof. dr. Esther Versluis. Esther Versluis is professor in European Regulatory Governance at Maastricht University. Her research focuses on two core themes: the implementation of international (i.e. EU) policy and the regulation of risks in the European Union.

Dr. ir. Jasper Eshuis. Jasper Eshuis is assistant professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His main research themes are branding in the public sector, place marketing, and co-production in complex spatial developments.

Prof. dr. Kees Aarts. Kees Aarts is professor of Political Science at Twente University. His research focuses on democracy, elections and electoral behavior, in the Netherlands as well as in comparative perspective.

Prof. dr. Mirko Noordegraaf. Mirko Noordegraaf is professor of Public Management at Utrecht University. His main research interests lie in organizational and management issues in public domains. In particular he focuses on public managers.

Prof. dr. Sandra van Thiel. Sandra van Thiel is professor of Public Management at Radboud University Nijmegen. She specializes in semi-autonomous agencies at both the national and local level in the Netherlands and abroad.

Dr. Thomas Schillemans. Thomas Schillemans is associate professor at Utrecht University. In his research he focuses on the interaction between public organizations and stakeholders in their environment, including themes like public accountability and the media’s role in policy implementation.

Prof. dr. Victor Bekkers & dr. Vincent Homburg. Viktor Bekkers is professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Vincent Homburg is associate professor also at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

We would like to congratulate all eight supervisors on their nomination for the Supervisor of the Year Award. The award will be presented at the NIG annual conference on November 5th as part of the plenary session at 12:00h.