Overview all panels with chairs

Overview panels NIG conference 2014


Panel 1: Democratic and administrative reforms: who and why (still) bothers?

Chaired by: dr. Veronica Junjan (UT), dr. Giselle Bosse (UM)

Panel 2: Public professionals and their (new) connections: professional controls, administrative leadership & networks

Chaired by: prof. dr. Mirko Noordegraaf (UU), prof. dr. Bram Steijn (EUR) dr. Karin Geuijen (UU), dr. Lars Tummers (EUR), dr. Scott Douglas (UU)

Panel 3: Public and Political Leadership: new avenues in leadership research in public administration and political science

Chaired by: Leonie Heres, MSc (RU), dr. Karin Lasthuizen (VU), dr. Sandra Resodihardjo (RU), dr. Sabina Stiller (WUR)

Panel 4: Strategic HRM in the public sector

Chaired by: prof. dr. Sandra Groeneveld (UL-CDH), prof. dr. Peter Leisink (UU)

Panel 5: Trust in Public Administration

Chaired by: prof. dr. Geert Bouckaert (KU Leuven), prof. dr. Steven van de Walle (EUR), dr. Frédérique Six (VU)

Panel 6: Energy and Climate Governance

Chaired by: dr. Thomas Hoppe (UT), dr. Ellen van Bueren (TUD), dr. Maurits Sanders (UT)


Panel 7: Political Advocacy in Multi-Level Governance: How Societal Stakeholders Strategize for Influence

Chaired by: dr. Caelesta Braun (VU), prof.dr. Arco Timmermans (UL-CDH)

Panel 8: The use of governance skills in dynamic bureaucratic contexts

Chaired by: dr. Peter Kruyen (RU), dr. Marieke van Genugten (RU), dr. Peter Hupe (EUR)

Panel 9: Local Democratic Audit: Assessing the democratic qualities of local governance

Chaired by: prof. dr. Bas Denters (UT), prof. dr. Marcel Boogers (UT)

Panel 10: Media, Politics and Governance

Chaired by: Rianne Dekker, MSc. (EUR), Lotte Melenhorst, MSc (UL)

Panel 11: The impact of EU legislation at the sub-national level

Chaired by: dr. Barbara Brink (RUG), dr. Pieter Zwaan (RU), Prof. dr. Herwig Reynaert (University of Gent)

Panel 12: What are the effects of delegating government tasks on public service performance?

Chaired by: Sjors Overman, MSc. (RU), Sebastian Jilke, MA (EUR), prof. dr. Kutsal Yesilkagit (UL-CDH)

Panel 13: Co-production and citizen participation

Chaired by: dr. Marlies Honingh (RU), prof. dr. Taco Brandsen (RU), dr. Trui Steen (UL-CDH), prof. dr. Bram Verschuere (Universiteit Gent), prof. dr. Albert Meijer (UU)

Panel 14: Public-Private Partnerships: New Governance Arrangements

Chaired by: Stefan Verweij, MSc (EUR), Anne-Marie Reynaers, MSc (VU), prof.dr. Erik-Hans Klijn (EUR)

Panel 15: Interdisciplinary dynamics: explaining international security

Chaired by: prof. dr. Wolfgang Wagner (VU), Dieuwertje Kuijpers, MSc (VU), prof. dr. Bertjan Verbeek (RUN)

Panel 16: New directions in legitimacy research

Chaired by: dr. Carolien van Ham (UT), dr. Anchrit Wille (UL), prof.dr. Jacques Thomassen (UT)