See Annual Workconference 2013

Panel descriptions

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November 2013, the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) will hold its 10th annual work conference in Enschede. There are 12 panels open for paper presentations and discussion.

The call for papers is closed now.

NIG colloquia

Panel 1: Critical junctures for or against change? The impact of contemporary economic and political crises on public administration reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Chaired by: dr. Giselle Bosse (UM) & dr. Veronica Junjan (UT)

Panel 2: Public professionals and their (new) connections: professional controls, administrative leadership & networks

Chaired by: dr. Karin Geuijen (UU), prof. dr. Mirko Noordegraaf (UU), prof. dr. Bram Steijn (EUR) & dr. Lars Tummers (EUR)

Panel 3: Public and Political Leadership: new avenues in leadership research in public administration and political science

Chaired by: dr. Sabina Stiller (WUR) & dr. Karin Lasthuizen (VU)

Panel 4: Strategic HRM in the public sector

Panel 4 has been cancelled.

Panel 5: Trust in Public Administration

Chaired by: prof. dr. Geert Bouckaert (KU Leuven), prof. dr. Steven van de Walle (EUR) & dr. Frédérique Six (VU)


Panel 6: Understanding policy dynamics: a critical confrontation of theories of the policy process

Chaired by: dr. Peter Scholten (EUR) & dr. Arco Timmermans (UL)

Panel 7: Managing change in public sector organizations: multi-levels, multi-facets and multi-actors in changing public and private organizations

Panel 7 has been cancelled.

Panel 8: Energy and Climate Governance

Chaired by: dr. Thomas Hoppe (UT), dr. Ellen van Bueren (TUD) & drs. Maurits Sanders (UT)

Panel 9: Coming full circle: analyzing EU policy-making

Chaired by: dr. Ellen Mastenbroek (RUN), dr. Sebastiaan Princen (UU) & dr. Esther Versluis (UM)

Panel 10: International Organisations: New Centres of Governance

Panel 10 has been cancelled.

Panel 11: Media and Governance

Chaired by: Iris Korthagen MSc. (EUR) & prof. dr. Erik-Hans Klijn (EUR)

Panel 12: Performance, Public Management and Law: the elephant in the room?

Chaired by: dr. Wouter van Dooren (University of Antwerp), prof. mr. dr. Stavros Zouridis (UvT) & prof. dr. Geert Bouckaert (KU Leuven)

Panel 13: Reforming European Financial and Economic Governance

Panel 13 has been cancelled.

Panel 14: Effects, what effects? On the (un)intended effects of public sector reforms

Chaired by: Sebastian Jilke MA. (EUR), Sjors Overman MSc. (RUN), Sorin Dan MA. (KU Leuven) & Astrid Molenveld MSc. (KU Leuven)

Panel 15: The future of Social Europe

Chaired by: dr. Ringo Ossewaarde (UT) & Minna van Gerven (UT)

Panel 16: Co-production of public services: evidence abouts its functioning and effects

Chaired by: dr. Marlies Honingh (RUN), prof. dr. Bram Verschuere (Universiteit Gent), prof. dr. Taco Brandsen (RUN)