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Annual Workconference 2011

On Thursday December 1th and Friday 2nd 2011 the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) held its eighth annual work conference, in Rotterdam.

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Call for Papers Workconference 2011

Conference Panels

Panel 1: Good Governance as Managing Tensions between Public Values

Panel 2: New Forms of Public Professionalism

Panel 3: Knowledge Confrontation in Water Governance

Panel 4: Waiting for Godot? Assessing the Governance of Administrative Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Panel 5: Regulatory Governance: Agencies and Beyond

Panel 6: Administrative History

Panel 7: The Nature of Public Trust in Political Institutions: Beyond the Dutch Dip for the better or for the worse?

Panel 8: Political Discontent and Populist Politics

Panel 9: International Security, Warfare and the Future of the Nation State

Panel 10: Analysing Multilevel Policy-Making in the European Union

Panel 11: Using Social Media in the Public Domain: a Mission Impossible implementation, compliance, enforcement and supervision

Panel 12: Integral Policies towards Safety and Security

Panel 13: Credibility in Politics and Public Administration

Panel 14: Change Management in the Public Sector

Panel 15: Strategic HRM in the Public Sector and Public Values

Panel 16: Public Service Motivation

Panel 17: Public Budgets between Power, Structure and Administrative Tradition

Panel 18: Governance in Transition Countries