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On Thursday November 25 and Friday 26 2010, the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) held its seventh annual work conference, in Maastricht.

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Conference Panels

Panel 1: Administrative History in the Netherlands: The State of the Art?

Panel 2: Administrative Governance

Panel 3: Political discontent and anti-establishment politics

Panel 4: Interest Groups and the Policy Process: Revisiting Research on State-Society Relations in Multi-layered Political Systems

Panel 5: Governance in the Information Age

Panel 6: Shifts in Public Safety Governance

Panel 7: Innovations of democratic governance: for the better or for the worse?

Panel 8: The crisis and Public Policy-Making: Friends of Foes?

Panel 9: Good Governance as Managing Tensions Between Public Values

Panel 10: Managing Diversity and the Values of Bureaucracy

Panel 11: Better regulation: Trends and developments in policy implementation, compliance, enforcement and supervision

Panel 12: The Future of EU external governance: Comparing experiences in Central and Eastern Europe

Panel 13: Connective capacity in water governance

Panel 14: New Regulations in the Study of Regulatory Administration: regulatory networks and regulatory autonomy

Panel 15: Change management in the public sector