Apply for Standard or Senior membership

Personal information

To become a standard or senior member you need to meet certain requirements, in particular regarding the number of international publications. Therefore we kindly request you to send your full list of publications along, indicating the total score of your publication record (see the explanation on the website).

On the form we ask you to give a short description of your area of research, as well as in which theme of the NIG research programme you think your research activities would fit best. The research programme is available on the website.

Part of the senior membership is that you are willing to make your knowledge and expertise available to our PhD students in so-called tutorials. These are individual forms of training in which one or a small number of PhD students discuss a particular topic during a limited number of sessions. That is why we ask you to mention a number of topics on which you could provide such a tutorial.

Finally, your local representative on the Advisory Council needs to approve. Please contact him / her before filling in this form.


Address information


Research Qualification


Please provide us with the score you calculated with the aid of this list and your publications:
Points / publications:
10 / Articles in an international/English refereed academic journal
5 / Articles in refereed non-English journals
20 / Refereed English books (monographs)
10 / Refereed non-English books (monographs)
10 / Editing of a refereed book
8 / Chapter in a refereed international/English book
5 / Chapter in a refereed non-English book
1 / Other publications, including professional publications