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Discover the campus of the University of Twente during the DriveUThrough

Where normally thousands of prospective students walk around the campus during the Open Days, this is not possible due to the corona crisis. The Open Days made the transition to online and also experiencing the campus is still possible, this time with a DriveUThrough.

During the DriveUThrough, study seekers discover the campus by car. The first edition of the DriveUThrough, which took place last June, was with 75 participating cars and about 200 passengers a great success. Therefore, the DriveUThrough will be organized again on 27 and 28 March. This time with a drive-in cinema!

During the online Open Days, the study seekers were able to learn everything about their future study program. The DriveUTrough allows study seekers to discover the campus in real life. From sports facilities to student housing - during the 1.5-hour car route, prospective students pass all the hotspots on and around the campus of the University of Twente. For example, a pit stop is also made at a real drive-in cinema, where the campus film is shown. This film provides an insight into the life of a student on campus. To make it complete, there is of course popcorn!

Interactive introduction to the campus

Upon arrival at the campus, prospective students will receive a route booklet with rules and access to a special app with questions, facts, photos and videos. Interactively they get acquainted with the campus. For example, the study seekers discover where Wi-Fi inventor Cees Links, Thuisbezorgd founder Jitse Groen and well-known science journalist Diederik Jekel studied.

If the study seekers have any questions, they can ask our students. These are ready along the route – at a distance of one and a half meters of course. Students from the successful student teams are also along the route, such as Solar Team Twente, Green Team Twente and Solar Boat Twente.

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