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New NWO Perspective round 2019/2020

The deadline for submitting initiatives for the NWO Perspective program is on November 5 at 14:00h.

All submitted initiatives will be placed on the website of NWO. There is the possibility to add extra participants to the project after sharing your idea. If your initiative is not registered, you cannot submit a pre-proposal.

Top sectors

The pre-proposal application must fit within one of the four knowledge and innovations agendas of the top sectors (Energy transition and sustainability; Agriculture, water and food; ealth and care; Safety) and one or more key technologies must also be included. The mission driven challenges of society are placed next to the economic perspective, in which citizens, government, science and industry all participate. The declaration of suitability from the KIA’s is required for the perspective pre-proposal. After submitting the initiative, NWO will give your contact details from the KIA where you can request this statement.

Different from last year

There are two clear changes to last year's call

1.       The TO2 institutes and HBO institutions can also be co-applications instead of only users in previous calls. This offers opportunities for broader cooperation.

2.       In addition to various separate subprojects that are related, one can also opt for one project in the new Perspective round. This would mean you have one lead party and only one agreement with NWO. The option with individual projects is also still possible, having several coordinators of the project.

Questions or additional help?

If you have any questions about the Perspective program, the declaration of suitability, or if you can use extra help in setting up a Matchmaking or Start-Up event with all partners in order to achieve better coordination for the project proposal, please contact the Grants Office.

Project management

In the application, funds can be requested for project management. The UT can appoint central project managers from this budget to support your project. Contact the Grants Office if you have specific questions


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