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Water Footprint Network to relocate to International Water House

Water Footprint Network is delighted to announce that it will move to the International Water House in The Hague on 1st September 2015. The Water Footprint Network is founded at the University of Twente.

“This relocation opens up an exciting new chapter for the Water Footprint Network” said Executive Director, Ruth Mathews, as she signed the new office contract this morning.  “Since our creation in 2008, interest in the value of water footprint for addressing global water crises has grown rapidly and our role as a network has increased. A more central location will enable us to respond with greater agility to the rising call for our expertise and accelerate our impact.”

The University of Twente has been the ideal location for the Water Footprint Network in its early years, providing easy access to the father of the water footprint assessment methodology, Professor Arjen Hoekstra, and his research team and giving the organisation the room to grow, both in numbers and knowledge.


Professor Hoekstra said: “I’m immensely proud of this offspring of our work. The Water Footprint Network has grown out of the university and become a trusted, worldwide player in the field of sustainable water management. A more central location will make it easier for the organisation to expand its network and further strengthen its ability to inspire action for fair and smart use of the world’s fresh water.”

“Today’s move is only possible because of the strong foundations laid by Professor Hoekstra and the University of Twente. We thank them for nurturing us through our early years and look forward to a future of continued, close collaboration,” added Mathews.

International Water House is a meeting point for the Dutch Water Sector and its international partners and is home to other organisations working on water related issues, such as IRC and, another founding partner of Water Footprint Network, the Netherlands Water Partnership. The Water Footprint Network is aligned with The Hague’s mission for promoting peace and justice and the city’s more central location will increase the organisation’s opportunities to communicate its work to an even wider audience, support its continued expansion and better position it to achieve its goals.                             

The Water Footprint Network’s mission is to provide science-based, practical solutions and strategic insights that empower companies, governments, individuals and small-scale producers to transform the way we use and share fresh water within earth’s limits.