The board of theatre association NEST contains of four or five students that are member of NEST. Every board member has its own function with accessory tasks.

board 2017-2018

  • Chairman - Heleen Visserman
  • Seretary - Irma Harms
  • Commissioner Productions - Femke Wonink
  • Treasurer - Anna Bruijning
  • Commissioner Communnications - Aimée van Schaik


Board 2016-2017

Chairman - Jessie van Aarle

The duties of the Chairman include the preparation of agendas, leading the meetings, keep track of the association, ensure that the taken decisions are implemented and representing the association.

Jessie van Aarle

Secretary - Yorrick van der Ouw

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping track of correspondence, the care of the archives and keeping the membership and mailing list. In addition, the secretary is the point of contact for members. Furthermore the secretary checks if every member has paid their Association Fee.

Yorrick van der Ouw

Commissioner Productions - Tanja Kampman

The Commissioner Productions has leading over the Production Coordinators and controls all rooms and spaces that the association has access to. She talks with the directors and production coordinators about matters relating to the productions. She also maintains contact with Vrijhof Technology department and Culture and Events (Vrijhof Cultuur).

Tanja Kampman
Commissioner Productions

Treasurer - Simon Pruijn

The Treasurer maintains the cash book, makes a budget at the beginning of the year and arranges grants and coordinates sponsorship. All financial activities which are the responsibility of the association are taken care of by the Treasurer. In addition, the Treasurer shall maintain all financial contact. This board year, the treasurer is also the Vice-President. The Vice-President will take over the duties in the absence of the Chairman.

Commissioner communication - Aimée van Schaik

The Commissioner Communication ensures the maintenance of the mail contact with the members and external parties. The Commissioner Communication will also transfer knowledge of the board of 2016-2017 to the board of 2017-2018. Furthermore, she gives input to the policy of the board and unfolds herself in tasks that match her qualities.

Aimée van Schaik
Commissioner Communication