you can join NEST at two moments a year. the interNESTional group has open lessons around september and february. Please visit our facebook around that time or email the board if you are interested. Theatre lab (previously production group) has two times open lessons as well: in september and january. The theatre and musical group only have open lessons in september.

At the open lessons you can come, watch and participate. For the open lessons you don't have to sign up or pay any admission. At the end you can get a sign up form that you can hand in if you decide to become a member.


If you want to become a member of NEST you also have to pay some fees and admissions.


If you want to become a member of NEST you need to have a UnionCard. With the UnionCard you can become a member of several sports and cultural organizations. You can also go swimming or play tennis or squash for free! In addition, you can use recording studios, pop studios, dancing halls and you even have free membership at the library. For pricing, please see the website of the UnionCard.

Association fee

To become a member of NEST you need to pay association fee. From this fee the Student Union determines subsidies for directors, rooms and so on. The association fee is around €22,50 for a yearly member, and €14,00 for half-yearly members. You can view the current fees at the website of the UnionCard. If you are a PDH student or an employee at the university (thus the association fee is  €0 for you) you still need to 'buy' the assosiation fee! If you do not do this, there will be a fine!


The contribution is a charge you pay to NEST. From this we buy or rent decor material, costumes etc. This is 35 euros for yearly members and 25 euros for half-yearly members. 

Want to go through it step-by-step? Check the guide here.


Any questions left? Or want to make sure things still happen the same? Please email us at We are happy to help you.