The rapid developments in the smart materials domain ask for key partnerships and joint innovation processes to accelerate successful developments and commercialization of innovations.

We take part in several strategic partnerships through:

  1. open research projects and networks  
  2. by setting up long-term trusted relationships


NWA (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda)
Within the National Scientific Agenda, materials research is mainly being covered within three routes, i.e. the ‘Materials - Made in Holland’ route, the ‘Quantum/Nano’ route and the ‘Energy Transition’ route. UT researchers from very different disciplines (TNW, EWI, ET) have been contributing to these routes.

NWO, the national Dutch research organisation, provides a broad array of funding possibilities for public / private partnerships and fundamental research. Materials research is one of their topsectors.

4TU Research Centre High-Tech Materials
4TU is formed by the four universities of technology (TU Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente and University of Wageningen), who are jointly committed to strengthening and pooling their technical knowledge with the aim of producing sufficient numbers of highly qualified engineers and technical designers, of conducting outstanding and socially relevant research of an international standard, and of promoting cooperation between research institutes and businesses. The 4TU Research Centre High-Tech Materials (4TU.HTM) aims to stimulate and intensify the academic research and development of new innovative materials.

Holland High Tech M2i
High-tech materials are vital in many industrial sectors and crucial to creating a sustainable society. M2i is a Dutch initiative that brings together academia and industry to promote economic growth and create a sustainable society by researching and developing new technologies and materials.

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