Why the UT Matters

Materials scientists at UT are in an ideal position to implement solutions for the major challenges known to mankind in the fields of our main application areas; manufacturing, health, ICT and sustainability. The University of Twente (UT) is able to develop new materials and thereby achieve breakthroughs in these application areas.

We aim to develop a UT roadmap for Smart and Advanced Materials by bringing together researchers (composites, polymer science, bioinspired materials, advanced thin film materials, nanomaterials etc.), establishing a link to existing UT initiatives (such as the Fraunhofer Project Centre, TPRC and more), and the realization of new initiatives.

Join us

As you can imagine, the UT is not travelling this road alone. In fact, we already have an extensive network of internal and external partners who support us. They can do the same for you. Whether you are a start-up, a governmental organization with a research question or an established business ready to help us, we welcome all parties to join our network to shape the future of smart materials in our society.

Learn more about our network and what we have to offer to our partners at our ‘The way we work’-page.

Contact programme manager Bob Hoomans if you have any questions or inquiries.  

dr.ir. B.P.B. Hoomans (Bob)
Supporting Staff