Rethinking electronics

Digitization is quickly gaining more importance in our world and daily life. Conventional computer systems require a lot of energy and are reaching the limits of their capacity. New paradigms are needed in electronic devices and architectures, offering the kind of energy-efficient computational power needed for highly challenging applications – from simulating complex pharmaceutical compounds and quantum systems to machine learning to recognizing complex patterns – for example facial recognition.

Searching for solutions

To address these challenges, the MESA+ Institute is engaged in neuromorphic computing: the creation of powerful, energy-efficient computers, based on highly interconnected networks inspired by the amazingly powerful human brain. We develop new electronic materials, such as complex oxides, 2D materials and piezoelectric materials, that will be indispensable in this endeavor. And, with the largest concentration of opticians in the Netherlands, we are searching for solutions in the photonics research area: for instance with the development of (components for) optical chips.