Mesa+ Meeting

Poster Session

Regarding the poster prizes, we introduce a new procedure for selecting winners. We involve all PhDs. Next to a professional jury, we will ask all PhDs to review the posters. We will divide the posters among the PhDs and provide forms to score the posters on: Overall look and layout, content and presentation.

The review poster session is scheduled from 15.30-16.45. During this session, we ask all attendees in little groups to review six selected posters on the poster itself, the presentation of this poster, and give a “tip and top”. Poster presenters will receive these scores and comments some time after the event.

Groups will be divided by us. You can pick up your form after the ‘thematic session’ at the registration desk. Start with the first poster, to meet your review-group. Then score the next posters in the order you choose.

Avoid conflict of interest:

Do not judge researchers from your own group, or research(ers) you collaborate with or contribute to.

Poster award criteria

(scores 1-10, 1 = really bad, 10 = excellent)

Overall look and layout

  • Original and/or attractive
  • Readable from 2 meters
  • Structure guides reading
  • No overcrowding
  • Subheadings, bullet points etc. are used wisely
  • Appropriate coloring and lining


  • Title makes you want to view entire poster
  • Clear goals: motivation for research is addressed in a clear and concise way
  • Images, graphs and tables are explained (what are you looking at and what does that mean)
  • Conclusion or take home message relates to goals
  • Scientific merit: innovative idea, approach, solution
  • Content matches the audience (broad or specialists)


  • Enthusiastic about own research
  • Ability to convey the message
  • Good explanation
  • Answering questions

The winners will be selected by PhD scores (2/3) and the professional jury score (1/3).