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Poster Session

David Reinhoudt Poster Award

All posters presented at the MESA+ meeting poster sessions compete for the David Reinhoudt poster award. Three posters will win a prize, with the very best one winning the David Rheinhoudt Poster Award, named for the former scientific director of the MESA+ Institute. On this page you will find how you can win this coveted prize.

Rules & procedure

The procedure has been organized so that every attendant had a say. The final word on who wins this prestigious prize is up to a professional jury.  

  • At the entrance, you received a sticker in the shape of a star along with your badge,.
  • Stick your star on the scoresheet of the poster that you think should win this year’s poster contest.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest, please do not award your star to a poster from your own research group, or research(ers) you collaborate with or contribute to.
  • Please award your star before the start of the afternoon session at 14:15. After that, the final tally will be made.
  • The 10 posters that receive the most stars will be judged by a jury during the afternoon parallel session (14:15-15:30). They decide who wins first, second and third place. The number of stars a poster received does not factor into this decision.
  • The winners will be announced and presented their prize during the award ceremony at 17:30.

Poster award criteria

The jury will judge the 10 posters with the highest score based on these criteria.

Overall look and layout

  • Original and/or attractive
  • Readable from 2 meters
  • Structure guides reading
  • No overcrowding
  • Subheadings, bullet points etc. are used wisely
  • Appropriate coloring and lining


  • Title makes you want to view entire poster
  • Clear goals: motivation for research is addressed in a clear and concise way
  • Images, graphs and tables are explained (what are you looking at and what does that mean)
  • Conclusion or take home message relates to goals
  • Scientific merit: innovative idea, approach, solution
  • Content matches the audience (broad or specialists)