Mesa+ bionanolab

Training requestform

Please fill in this form to request for a training at the BioNanoLab equipment, 

User Responsibility #1 ■

The equipment housed in this facility serves an entire community of users and is fragile. In order to use this equipment, I agree to be a part of this community and will use the equipment carefully and report any potential negligent use.

User Responsibility #2 ■

I agree to learn as much as I can during the training session. If I do not feel comfortable independently using the equipment, I will request additional training and/or supervision from the MESAPLUS BioNanoLab.

User Responsibility #3 ■

I understand that under no circumstances may I train other users, or use the microscope for them. All users must undergo training by the facility director.

User Responsibility #4 ■

I understand that it is absolutely necessary to use the online scheduling system to use a system. Unscheduled use of a system can lead to termination of access to the facility. Also, I agree to be accountable for the time that I sign up on a system, and will shut down the system properly if I am the final user for the day.

User Responsibility #5 ■

I will formally acknowledge the use of the facility in any publications or presentations (e.g. Oral, Posters) that include images acquired using core technologies. Please see the Acknowledge the Core page for the proper terminology to use.