We provide and develop a breeding ground, where ideas grow and blossom into relevant, innovative solutions

For MESA+ 2017 was a scientifically interesting and successful year, and a year of looking ahead to the future. With a new focus on the institute's long-term strategy, we have given an impulse for growth and development in the upcoming years. Because we believe that nanotechnology offers nearly endless opportunities for answers to the grand challenges we are facing.

Moving forward

From 2018 onwards, Scientific Directors Guus Rijnders and Albert van den Berg are at the helm of the organization. Realizing nano-enabled solutions in cooperation with external partners will become even more important. And we focus on research in the application areas Health (such as sensing), ICT (think of integrated photonics and neuromorphic computing ) and Sustainability (with storage and conversion of renewable energy).

In order to realize scientific breakthroughs for societal challenges, we deploy our excellence in the research areas of photonics, fluidics, materials and devices. And we continue to improve the world-class infrastructure MESA+ has to offer. Together with our regional, national and international ecosystem, the MESA+ scientific strengths and facilities provide a breeding ground where ideas can grow and blossom into relevant, innovative solutions to societal challenges.

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