Programme information

General outline

The two-year basis programme

The programme is organized in semesters. Each semester contains 20 weeks, and is subdivided in quartiles. The unit of credit is the European Credit (EC). One EC stands for 28 hours of study load. An academic year is 60 EC. The master’s programme of Electrical Engineering takes 120 EC of study load.

The curriculum consists of the following elements:






Compulsory specialization courses


5 or 10

Philosophical and Societal courses


30 or 35

Electives (Including possible homologation courses)






Master’s thesis project

The Electrical Engineering master’s programme only contains one fixed course, which must be followed by all students. This is the course 191616040 Philosophy of Engineering. The topic of this course is the impact, your behaviour as a technical professional has on society.

The remaining parts of the course programme depend on the specialisation that you chose. Each research group (chair) has its own specialisation defined. By choosing the specialisation you choose the research group where you will carry out your master’s thesis research.

Each research group has a programme mentor who will receive new students. After having chosen your specialisation you should contact the programme mentor of this specialisation to assemble your course programme. The programme mentor decides which compulsory courses should be taken, while the student is allowed to choose the electives. However the course programme as a whole requires approval by the programme mentor and by the professor who will supervise your master’s thesis project. More detailed guidelines and procedures regarding the programme are given in the section “Programme Guidelines”.

Homologation courses and Premaster programme

Students, entering the Electrical Engineering master’s programme may have missed some courses during their bachelor’s programme which are important as prior knowledge for the master’s programme. To gain this knowledge homologation or bridging courses may be included to their course programme instead of one or more elective courses. The total study load of the programme will be kept at 120 EC.

For students from professional Universities (mainly Dutch HBO-universities) a premaster programme has been created to add knowledge in Math and some introductory parts of Electrical Engineering. This premaster programme will take 30EC that should be added to the master’s programme.