Programme information

Course programme


As indicated in the general outline, the Electrical Engineering master’s programme offers the student much freedom and flexibility to choose courses that match the student’s chosen specialisation and interests.

20 EC

Compulsory specialization courses

5 or 10 EC

Philosophical and Societal courses

30 or 35 EC

Electives (Including possible homologation courses)

Compulsory courses

Four courses (20EC) are chosen by the programme mentor of the student’s specialisation. For each specialisation a standard set of four courses has been chosen that will be suitable for most students. See the descriptions of the specialisations for details. After discussion with the student the mentor may decide to deviate from this set.

Elective courses

Next to the set of four compulsory courses, chosen by the programme mentor, you will have to choose elective courses after discussion with your programme mentor. The purpose of these courses is:

  • To acquire some knowledge in specialisations, adjacent to your specialisation (two courses).
  • To deepen your knowledge in your own specialisation.
  • To add some knowledge from outside your specialisation according to your interests.

In principle, you can choose courses from any university in the world on the condition that the academic level of the course is according to our own standards. The academic level of courses from the following programmes have been approved by the Examination Board: University of Twente, programmes Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Embedded Systems, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.

Your course programme will have to be approved by your programme mentor and by the examination committee.

Philosophical and Societal courses

One of the competences of an Electrical Engineering master is that he/she is able to relate professional activities to their impact on society. Your master’s programme will therefore contain one or two 5EC non-technical courses. The course Philosophy of Engineering (191616040) is compulsory. It is possible to choose a second non-technical course of 5EC. In that case you will take one elective course less.


You should discuss your course programme with your programme mentor as early as possible. If possible before the start of first semester of the programme. If not then you should consult your programme mentor immediately after the start of your programme at least to settle the courses to be taken during the first semester. Not later than half a year after the start of your programme you should register the course programme, using the intake form.

See the programme guidelines for more information about rules and procedures.