Examination board

The examination board consists of staff members and should check that graduates of the programme meet its Final Qualifications. The committee determines implementation rules about the exams. In this committee it is checked whether students have passed their exams. Also performance and fraud cases are discussed as well as individual requests by students.

Chair J.F. Broenink


Prof. dr. J.C.T. Eijkel

Dr. ing. E.A.M. Klumperink

Dr. M.J. Korsten

Deputy member

D.W. Boere MSc M.J. Bentum


Ms M.G.P. Tibben-Steggink

Please send your requests for the examination board not later than 1 week before the meeting date to Ms M.G.P. Tibben-Steggink.

Meeting dates 2015-2016

29 September
27 October
24 November
15 December!
26 January
23 February
22 March
26 April
31 May
28 June
30 August