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Nano- and Micro Indenter Micromaterials

The Nanotest 550 and Microtest 200, made by Micromaterials, enable measurement of mechanical properties of materials at very small indentation depths. This is of importance for doing hardness measurements on thin coatings, but also for the tribological behaviour of surfaces in general: the mechanical properties on and just below the surface determine the friction and wear characteristics. These mechanical properties are usually not equal to the bulk properties of materials measured using traditional methods.

The Nanotest has also been used to characterise the frictional behaviour of a hard disk - reading head tribosystem.

The Microtest is basically a 'heavy duty' variety of the Nanotest.

Both indenters have a friction-stage that enables measurement of frictional forces during scratch experiments.

Keywords: Nanotest, Microtest, Hardness, Thin Coatings, Micromaterials.

Measurements / Setups: Hardness of thin coatings, Friction and wear characteristics.

Equipment: Micromaterials

Publications: PhD thesis of Harm Visscher

Location: De Horstring N100

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology