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Micro Hardness tester Shimadzu

The Shimadzu Micro Hardness Tester is capable of measuring both the static and the dynamic hardness of materials.

Indentation loads range from 10 to 1800 milliNewton, using a diamond Berkovitch indenter.

Using Oliver-Pharr fitting on the unloading data gives Hardness and reduced Youngs modulus data of the material.

Keywords: Micro Hardness, Oliver Pharr, Shimadzu.

Measurements / Setups: Hardness measurements

Specifications: Hardness range: Vickers 10 to 1800 mN indentation load

Location: De Horstring N100

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology

Unloading curve Oliver- Pharr fit. Hardness measurement. Load vs. indentation.