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Jeol JSM 6400 Scanning Electron Microscope

The Jeol JSM-6400 is a SEM configured with a Noran energy dispersive X-ray analyzer (EDS system). SEM is a method for high-resolution imaging of surfaces. An incident electron beam is scanned across the sample’s surface, and the resulting electrons emitted from the sample are attracted and collected by a detector and translated into a signal. Imaging in a SEM can be done using secondary electrons to obtain fine surface topographical features or with backscattered electrons which give contrast based on atomic number. The EDS analysis system enables the SEM to perform compositional analysis on specimens.

Process induced surface damage in glass Polyphenilene Sulfide composite

Damage in a composite material after bending





Micrography, analysis of cracks and fracture surfaces, bond failures and physical defects. Compositional analysis to identify materials and contaminants and their relative concentration on the surface.


Beam voltage 0.4 kV-40kV; Resolution 10 nm; Magnification ×10 to ×300 000


JEOL SemAfore digital image acquisition software

Noran Voyager energy dispersive X-ray analyzer

Gold and Carbon sputter coaters

The sputter coater (Cressington 108) is designed primarily for sputtering conducting gold layers on to samples to prevent charging effects in the scanning electron microscope.



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