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Micromap 560 inference microscope with automated stages

The Micromap 560 is an interference microscope that enables contact-less measurement of surface micro-geometry in 3D. This Micromap 560 has some more advanced options, like the possibility to measure surface roughness through liquids or transparent solids. This is important as lubricants are often used in tribological applications. The Micromap 560 is also used for semi-online wear measurements: a custom made pin-on-disk set-up can be placed under the microscope. The coefficient of friction is measured and changes in the wear track can be measured at limited intervals without the need to disassemble the samples from the test set-up.

Keywords: Micromap, Interference Microscope, Surface Micro-Geometry, Roughness, Nano-Wear

Measurements / Setups:

  • Roughness measurements on computer hard drives.
  • Analysis of scratches in deep drawing products.
  • Measurement of very small wear volumes.
  • Measurement of changes in the microgeometry of a surface as a result of an applied normal load.


Height Resolution: approx. 1 nm
Size of a surface measurement: min. 110x85 μm, max. 4.42x3.45 mm depending on magnification & resolution
Number of measurement points: 304x228 or 640x478

Location: De Horstring N100

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology