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Calowear Abrasion Tester

The Calowear Abrasion Tester (also see CSM instruments) was originally designed to enable thickness measurements of coatings. It has developed into a relatively easy and straightforward method to characterise the resistance to abrasion of a surface. Abrasive slurry, such as Silicium Carbide (SiC) is inserted into the contact between a coated sample and a rotating ball. These conditions result in a spherically shaped wearscar on the surface of the sample. The diameter of this wear scar is a measure of the amount of worn material.



Abrasion, Coating Thickness, Abrasive Wear, Ball Cratering


Measurements / Setups:

Coating Thickness, Abrasive Wear






CSM instruments)






De Horst WH111


Research group:

Surface Technology and Tribology



W. Lette