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Dynatup Falling Weight Impact Machine 8250

The Dynatup 8250 Instrumented Falling Weight Impact Machine (IFWIM) is a component impact tester. (see also Instron-Dynatup). This machine is versatile, as far as the capacity is concerned (low to high impact energy), as well as the specimen geometry. Beam like specimens can be tested, as well as plates and more complex geometries. A data acquisition system based on an oscilloscope is used to monitor force and mass displacement.


IFWIM, Impact


Structural behaviour under impact loading


Max velocity: 13m/s

Masses: from 3kg to 34kg.

Max impact energy: 600J

Possibilities to impact reasonably large structures


3 piezoelectric force cells, from 4kN to 60kN

Measurement of the mass displacement during impact

Several plate and beam clamping devices

Data acquisition via oscilloscope and labview

Possibilities to design and produce dedicated tups – clamping devices/

Impact Testing Specimen Fixture



Westhorst WH125

Research group:

Production Technology


Laurent Warnet