The pin-on-disk tester is one of the best known and most widely used tribotesters. The set-up consists of a stationary pin that, under the influence of a dead-weight, rests on a rotating disk. The pin-on-disk tester is made by the Swiss company CSM-Instruments (formerly known as CSEM).

The pin-on-disk tester can be placed in a climate chamber, in order to provide a controlled environment (temperature and humidity). A controlled environment is particularly important when testing friction and wear of some plastics and ceramic materials.

Using the heating module of the set-up, materials can be tested at temperatures up to 600°C.

Keywords: Pin on disk tester, High Temperature, Friction, Wear, Tribology, Lubrication

Specifications: Maximum temperature: 600°C.

Equipment: CSM-Instruments

Location: De Horst WH 113

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology