To study the tribological properties of materials under cryogenic conditions a Cryogenic Tribometer has been constructed.

With this tribometer it is possible to measure the hardness of materials and carry out friction and wear tests under cryogenic and vacuum conditions. This is of interest for applications like valves, seals and bearings.

The setup is based on the principle of a pin-disk tester with a rotating disk and a static sample which is placed in a vacuum chamber..

If no cooling is required the tribometer is able to carry out friction and wear tests with a rotating sample in vacuum..

In case of hardness tests the static sample is replaced by a diamond Vickers indenter. When the depth as function of the indentation force is continuously monitored the dynamic and static hardness can be determined. From this data the elastic modulus and yield strength can be derived.

Keywords: Cryogenic, Vacuum, Tribology, Hardness, Friction, Wear.

Measurements: Hardness, Friction and Wear, under cryogenic and vacuum conditions.

Equipment: Build by Surface Technology and Tribology Group

Location: De Horst WH111

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology