Quick Guide

Quick guide

The majority of the lectures and tutorials takes place in the building Horst (nr 20). The numbering within the Horst building relates to the directions: North (N), West (W), East (O) and South (Z).  

Timetables of all programmes are available at MyTimetable

Osiris is the study information system for actions like subscription for courses or exams, to check the exam results. Please update your personal information in Osiris whenever relevant. Before the start of every block (quartile) be sure to sign up for all your courses that block in Osisris.

The course descriptions can be found in the Course Catalogue 

Changes in schedules and other relevant information are published as Educational Announcements; we recommend that you check these several times each week.

Blackboard is the Electronic Learning Environment of the UT. Always check whether the course that you are intending to follow has a Blackboard Site. If so, please subscribe to ensure that you have access to the course information.  

For all questions about the notebook, the computer system and internet access the Notebook Service Centre (NSC), You can find the NSC in the Citadel.

We recommend that you organize your web environment in such a way that you have easy access to all relevant information and important packages. The entrance for this is the UT Student Portal.

If you want more information on the introduction week, visit the Kick-In website


If you have any questions about the admission procedure, you can contact us via
If you have any questions concerning the premaster or the transfer minor, you can contact the Premaster Coordinator:

Premaster Coordinator
M. Duyvestijn Ir.
Premaster Coordinator ME SET IO CEM CME

Room: Horstring Z 222