Social media

The University of Twente uses various social media channels.

Target group:

Students (Dutch & international), professionals, staff and external parties


To provide information and make people enthusiastic about the University of Twente.

The following social media channels are used:


The central UT accounts are @utwente (NL) and @utwente_en (EN), the Dutch account being used most frequently. We approach two broad (corporate) target groups with these two accounts. We (automatically) place news messages from and supplement these with UT events, little-known facts about the UT and other current events. We try to answer questions received via Twitter as quickly as possible. We try to answer as quickly as possible in the evenings and during the weekend as well. And we do not only respond to questions, we also take the initiative. For example, if a student tweets that he has an individual orientation day at the UT, we will wish him a lot of fun.


The UT main account is Via this fan page we apply the same procedure as in the case of our Twitter accounts, only a little less frequently. The number of messages from the UT is lower, the individual (personal) messages and questions from (potential) students higher. We make intensive use of Facebook in particular for the international target group. Via a Facebook app on our page, we provide an overview of our special Facebook pages for our target countries: Mexico, Germany, China (for current students), China – Weibo (for prospective students), China (Renren, for prospective students) Greece, Indonesia, Romania, India.


We manage a UT group on LinkedIN. The initiative in this connection was taken in particular by the Alumni Office of the UT and Human Resources. The intensity of its use is low, we use this group occasionally for large events.

YouTube and Vimeo

The UT uses Vimeo primarily and intensively as a video platform. The videos can be posted without advertisements and the medium has a pleasant interface. All videos can ultimately also be found via our YouTube channel, but this is not our primary channel in view of the advertisements in the videos.


We used Flickr in the past for photos of the UT. We are currently not active on this platform.


We send our news messages via our company page on Google+. Google+ does not have great priority for us otherwise at this time.


We have a profile on Pinterest, but we do not yet use this service at this time.

More information and tips: