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Guidelines for access to UT buildings

Most UT buildings are closed outside office hours. Outside office hours, the Security Department provides emergency assistance to individuals present in the buildings. The purpose of the access passes is not only to keep unauthorised persons out. The electronic system detects your presence, so the Security Department can quickly see who is present in the building in the event of an emergency.

It is very important, also for your own safety, that your presence and your departure outside office hours are recorded correctly.

For the sake of convenience we refer here to the regular opening times as 'office hours'. For the education buildings, these are from 8:00 to 18:00 on working days. Vrijhof, the Sports Centre, and Bastille are also open in the evenings and at the weekends. This procedure does, therefore, does not apply to these locations.

The rules

  1. Ensure that your presence outside office hours is registered: You are registered automatically by holding your access pass in front of the card reader when entering the building. Do not forget to register before 18:00 if you are already in the building and want to stay after closing time. There are card readers for this purpose in many buildings. If you fail to register, the outside door will not open at your departure; you will be trapped in the building and have to call Security.
  2. Sign out with your access pass when you leave the building: You are automatically signed out when you use your access pass to unlock the outside door. Do not forget to sign out when you leave the building at the same time as another cardholder. If you fail to sign out, the central database will think you are still in the building, and your access pass will be automatically blocked next time you sign in.
  3. Group meetings outside office hours: Buildings are also open outside office hours in case of group meetings, and a receptionist/emergency staff will be present. Participants of such a group meeting do not need to use their access passes.
    If you want to be in the building outside office hours on an individual basis, the above mentioned rules for logging in and out apply, even when the outside door is open for a group meeting. (For organising a group meeting outside office hours, the rules on apply.)
  4. Do not allow others to use your access pass: Your access pass is strictly personal. The pass does not contain your personal data and access rights, but this information is linked to the card number in the central database. It is a punishable offense to allow a person without a pass to enter or leave the building with you. Ask the other person to use their own access pass. 
  5. Bringing guests is allowed, subject to conditions: If you want to bring one or more guests (without a pass) into the building outside office hours, you can do so subject to the following conditions:
    1. You must inform the Security Department about your guest(s) (no more than 5) in advance, by visiting the Security Department in the Spiegel building or by calling 053-489 2134.
    2. While in the building, your guests remain in your immediate vicinity at all times. You are responsible for their behaviour.
    3. Your guests leave the building at the same time as you. 

      (Call Security if the revolving door only allows cardholders to pass. Security will then unlock the door remotely.)
  6. Please immediately report loss of your access pass: For this purpose, you can also visit or call the Security Department in the Spiegel building at any time: 053-489 2134.
  7. In the event of accidents or emergencies only:

Call the emergency number 053-489 2222.


The access system for buildings is based on a combination of a code of conduct and electronic tools. The objective is to create the best possible security with minimal disruption for the user. However, the system only works if everyone observes the rules. That is why, in future, your access pass will be blocked in case of violation, and you will no longer be permitted to be in the building outside office hours.

Monitoring of compliance will be intensified. You must be able to show your access pass as well as a valid ID for verification at the request of a security officer. All traffic at the access doors is recorded by security cameras. Analysis of these images is one of the ways for Security to identify cardholders who have violated the rules.

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