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Research Professional Database

Research Professional

(RP) is a system that provides network-level access to a global subsidy database and offers the option to set, amongst other things, specific search options, email alerts, calendar alerts and newsletters on selected research areas and types of financing. The website is directly accessible on campus, for off-campus access you can create an account using a email address.

RP is used by many universities (including Cambridge) and research institutes. RP does not only focus on research funding and thus researchers, but can also be useful for students and staff to look for awards, travel budgets and other types of funding and subsidies.

You can find more information on RP on the website of the EU-Office (intranet). For questions or help, please contact Information specialist Hanneke Becht

Onderzoek Nederland

The paper edition of Onderzoek Nederland has been replaced by a digital version as part of the UT subscription to Research Professional. Onderzoek Nederland is the independent newsletter on funding and management in science and technology and offers news on science and technology management in The Netherlands and Europe, as well as a lot of practical information on research programs, calls and contracts.

Study questions EU Office

The EU Office under the direction of Rolf Vermeij represents the UT interests in Brussels. In addition, they assist researchers with information about and applying for grants

Open Access publications

Publishing in an open access journal often costs money. For financial support you can turn to: