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Registration of documents commissioned


Archive supports the occasional or structural digitization (scanning) of documents (e.g. archival documents or files) in JOIN, Sharepoint, or other applications. Think of support for work processes, meeting cycles, faculty offices, committees or secretariats.

Digitizing may consist of the following editing steps:

  • Registering data from documents supplied (paper, digital)
  • Possible preprocessing, scanning and scanning documents
  • Developing templates for metadating, add metadata (additional data) and editing paper documents

 Quality framework

Archive employees work according to the Registration and Scanning and Record Management procedure, as defined in the Handboek Vervanging (in Dutch).


For using this service, please contact Gerhard Kleinsman.


Work can be done if the applicant ensures that the (work) arrangements laid down in the contract are complied with, like the timely delivery of the documents to be digitized, and/or the provision of the desired search criteria.


The contract will release a quotation based on the activities to be carried out, planning, quality requirements and costs. Within two working days of the application, we will contact the applicant.