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Archival editing by the archive department


Each employee saves documents, in paper or digital form. Over time, a document loses its value and the question arises as to whether it should be preserved or not. It can also prevent an employee from leaving or that organizational parts are merged. The question then is what needs to be done with documents that are in a closet or on a network disc.

Archive is the expert in answering these kinds of questions and helps to select and destroy archives that are formed, both physically and digitally.

Quality framework

The retention periods for the various archive documents are laid down in the Basic Selection Document (BSD) for Dutch Universities. The selection and destruction is thus done according to the legal guidelines, so that the archive management can be held accountable.

Edited archives are kept in the archival storages of De Vrijhof building, using specially for archival material to be preserved. Digital archives are made accessible in JOIN, the document management system. More information can be found here.

When the retention period of (parts of) archives has expired, you will receive an overview of us.


For using this service, please contact Gerhard Kleinsman.


We have some conditions for the delivery of archives. These can be found in the Richtlijn overdracht archieven naar het archiefdepot van de Universiteit Twente (in Dutch)


The costs of the archive to be edited depends on the contents of the archive, size and shape (paper, digital or combination). On this basis, an estimate is made how much time should be spent on the assignment. The client pays the actual number of hours of archive editing.

The volume of the archive is measured by the number of boxes. For digital documents, the number of files and their coherence is assessed, and how many document registrations in JOIN this are estimated to be.

The UT uses the hourly rates below (internal) calculations (source: Spring Memorandum 2019): Scale 5-10 (€43,--). In addition, any archival material to be used will be calculated.