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Automatic storage of digital born archive


In the present day we work almost digitally. There are various systems at the UT in use in which all kinds of documents and data are stored. Part of this must be kept permanently or even permanently for a long period of time.

Not every system is suitable for permanently storing information and/or documentation. If information to be stored in your system is also stored for a long or permanent time, it makes sense to ascertain whether a link with JOIN is possible.

JOIN is a certified digital archive system in which information and documentation can be automatically archived via a link. In the meantime, JOIN has several links with such systems. This saves extra actions and is also a quality improvement.

Quality Framework

The realization of a link takes preparation time and deployment of ICT project leaders. They work according to the principles of Prince2 and accompanying documentation, and are aligned with the IT architecture as set for the university.

Archive likes to explore the possibilities of whether a link is desirable. The actual realization of the link requires the use of other LISA disciplines and should be scheduled based on availability.


For using this service, please contact Steven Schulenberg.


After the intake interview with Archive, scheduling all work to achieve the link may have a longer lead time. It also requires the use of the functional manager of the systems to be connected.