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Guiding the transfer of analogue and digital archives


The Record Management Regulation provides that the Archive department of the LISA department is responsible for the management of the university's semi static archive files and that these archival files will be transferred to de Archive department. Semi static archives are records created in the past and which are not often consulted for business operations, but are still important for future accountability and evidence. 

Transferring archives which have to be permanently preserved according to the selection list is at no costs. For storage of unselected archives costs are charged.

When selection is desired because it is not clear which records (documents):

  • must be kept and transferred and;
  • which (in the long run) should be destroyed,

then that is as optional service to be taken from Archive.

Quality Framework

In order to manage the transfer, we have a procedure. In a personal interview, we would like to explain it to your specific situation.


For using this service, please contact Homme Martinus


The procedure as mentioned before describes the conditions of analog (papers) and/or digital archives in case of transfer.