Internal mass email

It is possible to send a UT-wide mass email to all staff and/or students of the UT in specific cases via M&C. Guidelines and sending criteria were drawn up for this purpose.

Sending messages through a UT-wide mass email will only be done if it concerns:

1.Crisis and/or risk communication (disasters, safety risks and health risks)

  • Managerial information
  • Invitations to corporate UT events where the entire UT populace is invited.

2.Human Resources information important to all UT staff.

3.Announcements of (changed) regulations important to the entire UT populace

  • For instance, FB/Procurement - NS Business Card, travel costs reimbursement).

4.Digital questionnaire of research intended to improve the quality of service and/or working conditions at the UT (for instance Staff Research UT, FB).

If you want to send out a UT-wide mass email you send a request to M&C via the Traffic order form or via the contact person of your unit.