Student news

Student News is sent out to all UT students every month in two languages (English and Dutch). The primary goal of this means of communication is to inform the students about UT-wide subjects. In addition, we are also trying to use this to activate students and to increase their involvement with the UT.

Publication dates and deadlines

Publication dates


Tuesday 21 January

Wednesday 15 January

Tuesday 18 February

Wednesday 12 February

Tuesday 18 March

Wednesday 12 March

Tuesday 22 April

Wednesday 16 April

Tuesday 20 May

Wednesday 14 May

Tuesday 17 June

Wednesday 11 June

Summer stop

Tuesday 19 August

Wednesday 13 August

Tuesday 23 September

Wednesday 17 September

Tuesday 21 October

Wednesday 15 October

Tuesday 18 November

Wednesday 12 November

Tuesday 16 December

Wednesday 10 December

Submitting input

Input can be sent to: student-news@utwente.nl

Submission criteria

- In Word
- One subject per file
- In two languages (Dutch and English) or an OFI number for the English translation
- Deliver Dutch and English text in separate files
- If possible with pictures

The editorial staff of the Student News assesses whether a message is suitable for placement and prioritizes the messages if there are too many items. The editorial staff consists of two students and several employees from CES and M&C.

Student News is one of the means of communication that can be used for the benefit of the internal communication to students. Go to the products and services overview to see all the options.