Several buildings at the UT have screens on which information (news, announcements, events etc.) for residents and visitors of the respective building can be projected. There is no central management of these screens at the UT. Instead, the responsibility lies with the organization unit in that building or at that location.

You can ask the IC department of Marketing & Communication whether the screen is a suitable for your message. Texts or sheets are submitted via the contact person of the unit; M&C does not play a role in this.

•Ravelijn – MB

−Entrance – Study Association Sirius

−Twitter Wall at the Atrium – costs: 100 euro per publication via Elke van der Veen

•Horst – CTW/TNW – Petra van Coevorden

•Cubicus – GW – no manager

•ITC – ITC – dirsecretariat-itc@utwente.nl

•Sports Centre – Campus - Astrid Breuker

•Pavillion – FB - FB (Pilot: narrowcasting)

•Vrijhof - Jacqueline Calis

The screens in the buildings are one of the means of communication that can be used for the purpose of communicating to staff and visitors of the buildings. Which means of communication are suited to which target audiences can be found under the submit news header.