ERCIS Master Seminar 2011

Dear BIT student,

In the attachment you can find information about a very interesting seminar on IS Challenges that is organized by ERCIS ( The organization is still looking for IS students to join the seminar. The online kick-off meeting will take place next Saturday, 15 October. This opportunity is offered under the Capita Selecta ISCM (5EC)  I think this is a great opportunity for you to work in an international team consisting out of students from all over Europe or even the other side of the world!

The idea (described very briefly) is to create 15 groups consisting of 3 students from different Universities. All in all, this would be 45 students. Each group should (1) write a conference paper in ECIS style about how IS can contribute to tackling the grand challenges defined by the millennium project (, and (2) reflect on their collaboration experience writing a learning portfolio. Please see the following document for the outline.

If you are interested, please sign in by sending an e-mail to Our local kick-off meeting will take place next Friday, 14 October, 9:30 – 10:30. If you are interested but not able to visit our meeting at Friday, please inform us as well.


Céline Heijnen MSc.

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