25 years of Business information technology @UT

In September 1993, the University of Twente started a daring engineering programme on Business Information Technology (BIT), targeted to bridging the gap between business and information technology that was being created by the sudden entrance of personal computers in the workplace. 

25 years later we celebrate the achievements of this early initiative, which is embodied by the Bachelor Business & IT and the Master Business Information Technology. Business and IT have evolved, and bridging this gap is still essential for society, even more essential than 25 years ago due to large penetration of IT in our daily lives. We are extremely proud to have delivered highly qualified professionals with these skills to society in the course of all these years! 

We are going to celebrate the 25 years of our BIT programmes on 7 September 2018, with a series of talks and a reception, for which you are warmly invited. This is an excellent opportunity to see old friends and catch up with the BIT community. We hope to you see you there!

L. Ferreira Pires
Programme director BIT

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