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Update on Technohal building phase

The renovation of the Technohal is once again well underway, following the summer break.

Air ducts, climate ceilings, lighting and walls have been fitted and the rooms in the building are starting to take shape. The tendering procedure for the interior has now been completed and the work drawings are being made for the fixed furnishing elements (see 3D image). A start has also been made on the preparations for the infrastructure at the front of the Technohal.

Meanwhile, solar panels have been placed on the roof of the Technohal.

Various discussions have been held recently with the contractor regarding the delay in the construction because of the weather and because of the unexpected amount of asbestos that has been found. This has led to additional costs, about which agreement has now been reached. Consequently, the construction costs of the Technohal will be higher than anticipated. Some of the costs will be met by the contractor and some by the University of Twente. These costs can be covered by the budget for the long-term strategic housing plan.

We recently said goodbye to the project manager of the Campus and Facility Management service department, Dorien van der Aa, who has taken up a challenge outside the university. Her successor, Rob Nengerman, recently joined the University of Twente and has taken on her duties as project manager with great enthusiasm.


The building is now set for completion in April 2019. This will be followed by work relating specifically to the needs of the building’s users, and then by the actual relocation. The Technohal will be ready to use for the new academic year in 2019.

Contact person: Bertyl Lankhaar (+31 (0)53 489 2210 or +31 (0)6 2002 74 35), spokesperson for the University of Twente Executive Board.

More information can be found on the Long-Term Strategic Housing Plan website: