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Technohal overview

News about the TechMed Center

The Technohal will be renovated completely for housing theĀ TechMed Centre. The focus of the renovation is on strengthening and maintaining the unique industrial character of the building.

Because the Technohal building is close to the Nanolab, internal demolition is subject to strict noise and vibration limits. Vibration sensors have been positioned in strategic places and are hooked up to a computer. In this way, the demolition contractor, the Facility Service Centre and the Nanolab can ensure that any disturbance due to noise or vibration stays within acceptable limits. The demolition contractor will receive a fine if he exceeds these limits.

The renovations of the Technohal building are supervised by the Facility Service Centre.


The Final Design is currently being finalized and the project will be completed according to the specifications.

In this video architect Jef van den Putte gives an insight in the future of the Technohal, using a 3D animation of his plans.

Read more in the UT-news article about the sustainable and smart design of the Technohal building.


The interior demolition is expected to be complete at the end of February and work on the exterior will commence shortly after that. The goal is to issue a tender next year for the reconstruction of the building, which is scheduled to commence after the tender is awarded. In September 2019 the building should be ready for use again.