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Questions and Answers Rehousing ITC

  • Why rehousing ITC?

    The Executive Board of the University of Twente has decided to move the ITC Faculty to the Campus in order to further enhance the international character of the University of Twente by using the extensive network of the ICT faculty. The relocation is also expected to stimulate the collaboration and interaction with other faculties. Relocation to the Campus may also result in synergy between the different areas of education and research, and it may also offer benefits due to the shared use of education and research facilities, facility services, workplaces and technical maintenance services.

  • When will we move towards the campus?

    The new building is projected to be ready by the beginning of 2022. The actual move of staff and student is projected to take place in the summer of 2022.

  • Where is the new building of ITC located?

    The current Langezijds building near the O&O square will be renovated for locating ITC.  

  • Where can I find a copy of the Programme of requirements (Programma van Eisen)?

    A copy of the programme of Requirements is available for perusal  at the secretariat of the directorate and you can find a summary on this website.

  • Are there any provisions envisioned for parking of bikes and cars of ITC staff and students?

    The UT Campus and Facility management services has already prepared a new parking lot: P3. P3 has a parking extension with 304 spaces, provided on the 'es' between the Horst building and boerderij Holzik. The parking area is hidden from the side of the Horst by a forest edge. On the side of the 'es' the parking lot is also somewhat masked beacaus of the higher position of the 'es' and due to light shrubbery.  

    The facility service department is also preparing plans for improving the bicycle parking spaces on the whole O&O square, together with experts and bikers (students and employees).

  • Most ITC students currently reside in the IIH. Will any changes be made to the IIH student housing that is located in the city centre of Enschede?

    The housing of ITC students is not part of the project "Move of the faculty ITC to the campus". The student housing strategy of the  Executive Board of Utwente involves all student housing both on and off campus. Appropriate and affordable student housing is a constant theme for the Executive Board.

  • What will be the Restaurant facilities for student and staff? Will ITC restaurant still have an international flavour?

    The new ITC building will include a restaurant that will have its own international catering formula. Of course staff and students are also welcome to use the UTwente restaurants located in other buildings. 

  • Will there be facilities where Students will be able to (re)heat their own foods?

    It’s too early to tell. There are many hurdles here. Think about fire-hazards and (replacement) costs of microwaves etc.

  • Will we be taking any of the current ITC furniture like desks, chairs and cabinets? Especially for those who have a workplace that is designed to meet special and/or ergonomic needs.

    From a stand of  cost reduction and sustainability it is our preference to re-use current office furniture where we can. However, in order to properly furnish the new office spaces the current furniture might not always prove to be a good fit. The final decision on what furniture will be moved to the new ITC build will be made in a later stage.

    Special needs/ergonomic needs of individual employees will be taken into account in the same manner as they currently are.

  • Will ITC keep its ITC Library?

    The library, library services and learning spaces will be hosted in an integrated manner in the new building.

  • How about the ITC learning spaces?

    The new building will contain enough lecture and project rooms and other learning spaces to house the projected amounts of students. During peak periods of ITC education, lecture rooms and project rooms located in other buildings on campus will have to be obtained through the Central Educational Services.

    The idea is to provide students with adequate, suitable, multi-functional space. Students should have access to study spaces for extensive and intensive (individual) study as well as project based learning and education spaces. The new building is to be designed with a clear zoning concept allowing different noise/sound levels for restaurant and recreation spaces versus offices, library and quiet study spaces.

    This all done in view of the overall idea to offer the student a pleasant, inviting and sustainable ITC building The new building should, like the current building, facilitate interaction between ITC staff and (ITC) students by offering a multi-purpose characteristic, inclusive meeting hub, representative of ITC’s mission and aim and its unique core of intercultural communication.

  • How about the transport of students of the  IIH to the new building?

    The Campus location can be reached by bike in about 15 minutes. Public transport between IIH and the campus location is readily available.  Current bus routes include city busses that go with an interval of 7 minutes and take about 22 minutes to  reach the campus. Keep in mind time tables and routes may change.

  • Will I be able to use the sports facilities on campus?

    As is currently the case; the Sports Centre at the University of Twente offers sports and sports facilities to students with an UnionCard and employees and other customers with a CampusCard. See:

  • Does the possible embedding of the University College Twente (UCT/ATLAS) in the Faculty ITC also imply that ATLAS will be physically located in the new ITC building?

    UCT/ATLAS will be located in the Drienerburght building.